Eleven municipalities signed today contracts with providers of equipment for waste management improvements

Today September 11th 2014. eleven municipalities from Sarajevo surroundings signed contracts with the providers of various waste management equipment under the Swedish Government supported Municipal Programme for solid waste management in BiH which has the value of 952,000 Euros and is aimed at improving waste management in their municipalities.

The Solid Waste Management (SWM) Programme, supported by Sweden, was launched in February 2010. The goal is to improve the quality and availability of solid waste services in selected municipalities, and thereby contribute to integrated solid waste management in the country. The total budget for the programme is 10 Million Euros and the Programme has almost reached the 5th year of its duration.

The municipalities that signed contracts today with the provider are 6 from F BiH, namely Breza, Fojnica, Ilijas, Kiseljak, Kresevo and Vares, and 5 from RS: Istocna Ilidza, Istocno Novo Sarajevo, Istocni Stari Grad, Pale and Trnovo. During 2013 these municipalities participated in a comprehensive capacity building programme and prepared municipal waste management plans to be implemented during the coming years. With Swedish support, more than 16,225 households will have improved waste collection system, and the collected waste will be disposed of at regional sanitary landfills. To accomplish these intentions, the municipalities now signed contracts for supply of waste collection trucks, waste containers and bins.

In total 44 municipalities and 6 regions are engaged in the programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Region 6 Final Workshop and Certificates

On June 25th 2014 The last workshop for the participants in region 6 was held at Hotel Sarajevo.

Here are the handout notes:
2014-05-22 SEM Retrospect Region 6 Final WS
2014-06-24 SEM bih The Future MB
Intermunicipal cooperation

Study Tour 2014

Round Table Discussion in Vlasic Mountains

On 2nd of June 2014 representatives from cantons, entities and national ministries met to discuss waste management.

On the agenda was also a proposal for a regional Waste Treatment Centre for 20 municipalities in, and around, Sarajevo.

Handout notes from the discussion:
Vlasic june 2014 Djordje


Establishing of a regional waste treatment center bih

2014-03-16 updated Regional center for waste treatment BiH languages

2014-03-16 Updated Plan for WM in wider Sarajevo eng

Vertical Workshop in Region 6

Wednesday the 28th of May representatives from the municipalities met with representatives from canton and entities to discuss: legal issues, communication between the different levels, and responsibilities.

Handout notes in local language:
Mikael: Few Words about Planning
Jasna: Radionica o pravnim i institucionalnim aspektima upravljanja komunalnim otpadom u Bosni i Hercegovini
Djordje: Pravni okvir polozaj opstine

Important Milestone passed

On Thursday the 3th of April 2014 the Municipal Programme for waste management in BiH passed an important milestone.

The nationwide public awareness campaign is completed and the 2 companies responsible, presented the results at an event at hotel Termag on Jahorina mountain.

Furthermore, 11 mayors signed contracts with the Swedish Government on donation of equipment to improve the waste management service in their Municipalities.

In total 44 municipalities – more than 30% of the municipalities in BiH have participated in the the SIDA funded programme.

We are busy having workshops

For the municipalities in region 6 and for the team, The capacity building programme is very intensive with workshops every week.

On the 19th of February 2014 we discussed Occupational Health and Organisation of the Work.
Handout bih The Employer has the Right – working enwironment

On the 26th of February we discussed Financing.
2012-11-02 bihSEM No1 local Waste-systems and financial management
2012-09-21 bihSEM No2 Case Reduction of Cost
2012-03-27 bihSEM No3 local Fee Financial
2012-03-27 bihSEM No4 Fee Calculation
2012-03-27bihSEM No6 Reclaim Responsibility and Accountability

On the 5th of March 2014 we discussed Contracting.
2011-11-04 SEM bih Contract between Municipality and Collector
2012-06-14 SEM bih Contracting WS

This is the word-doc template for elaborating Annexes to a contract.
2012-05-25 bih Annex 1-11 Contract Collection and Treatment of Recyclable Materials and Waste

greetings 2013
To all our Partners in the Municipalities, Public Institutions, and Ministries;
To the Employees at the Swedish Embassy, SIDA and other Donor Organisations,
To Service and Equipment Providers, as well as Visitors at our Workshops and at our Office, etc.

Thank you for your cooperation in 2013, We wish everyone a bright and happy New Year.

Gunnar Linder, Mikael Boldt,
Djordje Stefanovic,
Silvija Mikulić

The Office is closed from 20th December 2013 until 7th January 2014